Hello world!

•June 19, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Andrew: Hello all, and welcome!  My brother and I are developing a video game over this summer, and we plan to document our progress and thoughts on this blog.  We’ll upload samples of our work and talk about details of the game as we design it.

The game is being made in Game Maker 7.0, with myself working on the visual designs and putting it together.

It may not turn out to be an amazing game, but hopefully, this blog will still be interesting as you get to see what goes through our minds and how we feel as we work on this project.  It is, admittedly, a very amateur project, but we aim to make something fun and complex.

Patrick: Hey, I will be working and the music aspect of the game, and will be using Fruity Loops Studio 8. Hopefully the music will incorporate well into the game, and that I will get all the songs done. Well ok, that’s it for now, I think my brother and I will post in separate posts for now on. And away we Goooo! Yeahh…